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An important connection exists between the CEO and the company they lead: their personal success comes only with successful institutional renewal. A chief executive’s actions are two times more predictive of company performance than they were 50 years ago. Top-quintile CEOs create 30 times more economic value than the next three quintiles combined.


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To help more leaders reach that elite group of top quintile performers, we combined insights from McKinsey’s proprietary database containing 25 years’ worth of data on 7,800 CEOs from 3,500 companies across 24 industries with interviews of almost 70 of the highest-performing CEOs of the 21st century, to identify the six mindsets that sets these CEOs apart. The result was our New York Times bestselling book CEO Excellence : The Six Mindsets That Distinguish the Best Leaders from the Rest.

The articles, on-demand webcasts, and podcasts below build on the same body of research as CEO Excellence and focus on what matters most at each stage of a CEO’s tenure.


How to prepare for the CEO role
Four keys to making the difficult ascent to the CEO role a success. Watch here.


Starting Stron
How to make your CEO transition a catalyst for organizational renewal. Watch here.


How CEOs sustain performance
After a fast start, how do the best CEOs maintain a steady clip a few years in? Watch here.


Transitioning out of the CEO role
One of the hardest acts a CEO has to undertake is ensuring a seamless handoff to their successor. Watch here.
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Inside the strategy room
As part of our ongoing CEO Excellence research we interview top executives and McKinsey experts about the challenges of the CEO journey and the best practices for overcoming them. Our resulting Inside the Strategy Room podcasts feature exclusive 30- to 40-minute conversations that bring to life and build on the lessons from  CEO Excellence.

A master class from the world’s best CEOs
CEO Excellence